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Kerala - God's own Country

June 22, 2019

Kerala - also known as God's own Country- situates at the south western tip of Indian Peninsula. Mighty mountain ranges of Western Ghat guards it from the eastern side and in the west sprawls great Arabian Sea. The land in between is blessed by nature with fertile soil and a people with charm and intelligence. Everything pertaining to this land is of superior quality, it's cultural heritage as well as its rich and imaginative culinary arts. Part of South Indian cuisine, but distinctively different.

Kerala has a rich reportoire of culinary delights both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Being part of great south Indian tradition, Kerala has more variety than other states of the region, due to its historic association with foreign countries from time immemorial. Many travellers of the ancient times visited this land bringing exotic cuisine and other cultural remnants to this part of the world, enriching it and leaving a great legacy for us to share. Now the amalgam of all these cultural melees is paying rich dividend as all over there world Kerala Cuisine is attracting patrons for it's rich, spicy, hot and mouth-watering delicacies.